Adobe Photoshop is available in two distinct type of application namely CS and Elements. CS refer to short form of Creative Suite which, is a professional version of the Photoshop software. Software version of CS include CS, CS2 and upto CS6 extended version. Photoshop Elements is the software, which is a well suited end user version for beginner users. Photoshop Elements is now available in version 11.

Compare to CS, Photshop Elements are less expensive. When the end user does not require complex montages, then Elements itself will meet the Photoshop requirements. Photshop Elements 11 is very user friendly program, which is quite useful for beginner and intermediate level users. Let us dicuss some of the new look and features of the Photshop Elements 11 which has been attributed in Mac OS.

New Appearance

Obvious look in Photoshop Elements 11 is the reconstructed editor user-interface. In this version, Adobe also simplified some of the visual aspects by equipping larger buttons and icons, reorganized layout and enhanced text legibility. Option bar has been removed from image window and instead it has been placed in the panel located along the bottom of the window. Submenus of the related tools are removed, but still available in keyboard shortcut form for end users. Newly induced panel of Tool Options can also be hidden by the user. Panels are also different in the latest layout design of Elements. In the right side of the default workspace the end user can only see single panel for user view and therein separate window launch are removed.


Highlighted feature of Elements 11 is the Refine Edge option which has been borrowed from Photoshop. This feature allows the end user to further refine the edge after defining the selection. Refine Radius Tool is useful to expand the defined selection for additional tattered elements of the picture. Apart from this, Guided Edit mode is comes to be very handy feature for quick manipulation. Four newly added edits and three artistic filters are listed below:
– Vignette: Used to increase brightness or darkness of the image.
– High key: Used to highlight the image for brightening.
– Low key:  Used to pump up the shadow tones on the image.
– Tilt Shift: Selectively empowered support to blur everything but with a thin strip of the image.
– Artistic filters: Sketch collection of Comic, Pen & Ink and Graphic Novel, which is used to create cartoon or induce out drawn look with supported customized options.

Additional Features

Some of the additional features are listed below:
– Quick edit mode: New adjustments are shown in a grid of thumbnails preview before applying the changes on the image.
– Expert mode actions: Supported editing steps for play back on Action player is now available in expert mode which provide enhanced access and loading of action.
– Style support of Third party layer: Using the effects of third party is now easy in Elements 11 as it is possible to load preset manager.
– Adobe Revel: Mac users are able to subscribe in online service for image syncing among multiple devices and it is also possible to use organizer for sending images to Revel library.
– Share Photos: It is now possible to share photos with Youtube, Facebook and via email.