adobe-cc_3With every new CS version released users always wonder what the new launch is all about. Could such program like Creative Suite still go better? The answer is yes. Definitely. Every new version is set up due to some people’s need for new or better features. Same case with CS6, we focus here on the new features this release is bundled with.

Features for everybody

These functions are in CS6 even if you are not using the Creative Cloud.

Content-Aware Move tool helps to compose photos over again faster than before. When moving some object while the background remains the same, this tool comes very handy.

Filters – the blur gallery gives all the necessary blur effects and multiple ones at a time. Lighting effects help to get better results when playing with lights. Classical drawing can be made with oil paint filter.

Creative Cloud

You need to be subscribed to Adobe CC to use the following functions.

Liquify filter – this filter has been made a lot faster than it had been so far. It is called a smart filter now and supports smart objects as well. Then there is this reconstruct tool that will make a warp smoother while a user drags it to the warp.

Blur effects support smart objects now and the video layers.

Copying CSS from layers – it has been developed better to work with shapes and texts.  You can capture color, position, size, shadow or whatever from a layer. The value is then copied to clipboard and can be pasted to CSS.

Conditional actions – with this you can build actions that rely on multiple conditions.

High dpi displays like Retina are now supported.

View options – to view image in actual size has been named to 100%. The “actual pixels” option is also now 100%.

Cropping has many fixes as well as upgrades.

There are new 3D features.

CS6 is able to handle JPEG files up to 65k pixels.

The color panel can be resized

As you can see, there are lots of new exciting features to try. These here are the most important ones in our opinion, but there are actually much more new in Photoshop CS6.