While using previous versions of Photoshop there could have been interruptions sometimes that irritate the user and makes the easy workflow spiteful. This happened when for example you had just made some highly skilled and very hard, not to say time consuming modifications to the image, and then suddenly your computer crashed with all the […]

This topic probably engages many internet users who have been using forums one way or another. Usually deep fans of the related activity want to be very active and respected in the specific forum. That is why these users want to make their profile look as attractive as possible. Another issue with this kind of […]

In spite of having improved the Crop Tool in Photoshop CS6 by Adobe, they have also added a new feature called Perspective Crop. Its main goal is to deal with usual cropping issues as well as perspective concerns. Here we will learn more about this new tool. If you have a photo, for example being […]

As there were many alternative features in Adobe Photoshop CS5, like Pixel Bender, Colored Pencil, Dry Brush and many other artistic filters, there is now the Oil Paint filter in CS6. I will be showing this feature on a squirrel’s portrait. The filter will give the photo a very professional artistic effect if you follow […]

Lots of photographers tend to edit RAW photos, and those will definitely love the new Camera Raw 7 that has been updated in Photoshop CS6. Actually, it is quite similar to Lightroom 4 but I will explain you more here, why you should consider using Camera Raw 7. After one takes a RAW pic to […]

Adobe launched the advanced way of using blur in Photoshop CS6 series. The package of three new filters is called Blur Gallery, and I will give you some ideas here how to implement this new feature. Compared to the blur tool from elder versions of Creative Suite, these latest filters able the user to focus […]

Introduction The new 3D tools provided in Photoshop CS6 offers designer to import 3D material using lots of different formats like Flash, Collada, OBJ and many more. Furthermore, it allows to create and retouch these kind of materials directly on canvas. Here we are going to show you how the CS6 3D engine produces natural […]

Photoshop has been able to revolutionize the world of digital photography ever since it was first made available to the public several years ago. The average consumer may have thought that there was no way that the software could ever truly be improved or enhanced any further since it was already the very best software […]

Web design these days is quite the popular subject. Not only is it important for professionals, as the field becomes more and more viable an option for people to enter as a profession and more and more relevant for personal reasons. And as more people become familiar with the field of web design, the tenets […]

If you are interested in Adobe and its features then it is important to find out some of the best things that Adobe can actually offer. You might be aware of the digital publishing suite offered by the software. The digital publishing suite offers a complete solution for all the media publishers, individual designers as […]