photoshop-cs6-review3It is important to discuss the difference between Photoshop CS6 and the older versions of the image editor. The previous version was called CS5 which also had some great features. But the features present in the CS6 are much more advanced than the previous ones and there are lots of things that you can do with the new version. There are certain things that need to be discussed such as the performance and the price. It is also essential to check out the kind of software used for the newer version. One of the first things that come to notice is the speed.

Top Features

While using the CS6 you can surely find that it performs much faster than the CS5. The newer version of Photoshop does not only support the new computers but works smoothly on the older system as well. The newer version uses the GPU of the system more efficiently than the previous one. But it is important to find out which of the operating system supports the CS6 because each of them does not support the system. You can try Windows 7 or XP for CS6 but Windows Vista does not support Photoshop CS6. To get all the official features of CS6 it is important to get the best operating system.

The popularity of CS6 has been overwhelming because this image editor is considered to be one of the best updates in the recent times. Lots of improvement has been made in the newer version. Professional photographers as well as designers have been satisfied with the new tools that have been added to Photoshop CS6. Now it is important to compare the features that have been newly added to CS6. First of all, the CS6 has the modern and dark user interface which has been talked about for long. The next feature that makes the image editor a must have is the content aware feature with extend, move as well as patch tool.

More Important Features

The face detection and skin aware making features were also not available in CS5 which is present in the new Photoshop. The image editor generates skin tone masks automatically. CS6 also has the clean up and redesign feature for the button, icons as well as dialogs. It also features rich cursors. The standard of video editing in the extended as well as the standard version of image editor is terrific. The newer version also has the airbrush tips and erodible tips as compared to the older version. The newer version also has the technology of camera raw 7 which is somewhat similar to that of light room 4.

The mercury graphics engine feature present in the newer version creates at least 10 to 100X faster transforming, liquefying and wrapping. The noise reduction feature as well as the white balance feature is well done in the new CS6. The new CS6 also has the blur gallery function. It helps to create shallow depth of the picture or the field. These are some of the top features available in the new Photoshop CS6.