Photoshop has been able to revolutionize the world of digital photography ever since it was first made available to the public several years ago. The average consumer may have thought that there was no way that the software could ever truly be improved or enhanced any further since it was already the very best software of its kind.

Millions of people use this software around the world to edit, restore and colorize their own digital images and have collectively invested billions of dollars into the several updated versions that have been released since its original package. As technology continues to advance, however, the development team at Adobe knew that they would have to advance their most popular software as well which is why they created the companion application known as Adobe Color Lava.

What is Adobe Color Lava?

Color Lava allows you to be able to further enhance the quality and appearance of your photographs and other digital images right from the comfort and convenience of your iPad.  Within no time whatsoever, you can be mixing colors and designed custom swatches and themes directly from your mobile tablet and then accessing your work wirelessly through Photoshop as well.

With this companion application, you never have to worry about not being able to at least start your next artistic masterpiece when you are far away from your computer. As soon as that moment of inspiration strikes you, you will be able to begin creating those color combinations and then just bring them into the realm of Photoshop whenever you can connect to your compute or at least wirelessly through the internet.

Modifying Your Colors and Images on the Go

Adobe Color Lava allows you to be continuously working on your images and color combinations even when you are on the go. This application provides you with an overall level of convenience that Photoshop was not able to provide on its own as a standalone package.  However, instead of working to replace their leading product, the development team at Adobe clearly has just improved it by creating an additional tool that can be used to make the overall package much more efficient as a result.

The application comes programmed with some handy hue and saturation sliders that allow you to access the HSB and RGB values of your creations as well as make other basic adjustments that you can straight from your tablet. Anything that you create on your iPad can be saved, sent directly to your Photoshop software through a wireless internet connection or even shared with your families and friends through your e-mail.


Quality Programming for Quality Photography

The development team at Adobe has truly outdone themselves by releasing this new and improved companion app for the iPad tablet. Just as implied by the name, Adobe Color Lava allows you to have the convenience of erupting amazing artwork from the volcano of your mind whenever you feel the urge to do so. This application allows you to turn your efficient iPad into an electronic easel, allowing the creation of your next great work of art to occur wherever you may go.