While using previous versions of Photoshop there could have been interruptions sometimes that irritate the user and makes the easy workflow spiteful. This happened when for example you had just made some highly skilled and very hard, not to say time consuming modifications to the image, and then suddenly your computer crashed with all the work being gone. Here comes the two new functions to help you out in these kind of situations. First, there is Auto Save and also Background Save in order to keep all your hard work. In both cases Photoshop will save your current photo retouch while using the software. In this tutorial we will show you how these two functions help users.

Auto Save

This is a new breakthrough in CS6. Despite the fact that stability and reliability are very important for Adobe developers, there sometimes might happen that your computer crashes due to the machine itself. Now Auto Save will let Photoshop to keep a backup on precise time intervals, so whenever something goes wrong you can restore the whole thing from where it was left. The automatic feature can be said how often it should save the work over and over again. To adjust it, just open Edit from the menu, then click on Preferences, and from there choose File Handling. When using Mac, the Preferences option is under Photoshop menu.


Below is the screenshot that shows how you can manage the minutes of automatic save. Just tick this option and set the time interval for information save. The different options are 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.


Just to be sure, Photoshop is not saving over the file because then you could not manage the file yourself. Instead, the backup is kept as a different file so your work is not saved over all the time. Whenever the CS crashes, one can open up the program again and recover the work.

Background Save

You should be aware of that adding more and more new layers in your work makes the file size bigger. As the file size increases, it takes a lot more to save it. In previous versions of Adobe Photoshop the program froze for some seconds to save what was being opened. Now in CS6 this feature has been made a lot better and effective.

For example you have an image opened in Photoshop that has only one layer and is 100MB large. You know that this is quite small size when talking about Photoshop files. Saving a 100MB large image is not a problem. Now when we have a 900MB large photo file in the program, it takes a bit more time to save it. In CS5 for example, the program blocked us from doing the work until the image file was saved. But in CS6 an indicator showing the per cent of saving appears above of the window and also below on the last line. So we can see that Photoshop is in progress regarding the document, but actually it does not affect the job. You can even adjust another image at the same time. This is how comfortable the two new saving features are.