This topic probably engages many internet users who have been using forums one way or another. Usually deep fans of the related activity want to be very active and respected in the specific forum. That is why these users want to make their profile look as attractive as possible. Another issue with this kind of tutorial is that every person wants something original and therefore it cannot be done always the same way. But here we will show you how to create the most common signature for using in forums.

Obviously you need material at first, so find a nice photo that would suit your signature. So pick yourself a nice picture and we are ready to go on.
Now be sure that you choose Fixed Ratio to crop the right size. You can then enter the exact size details you want to use. In this case it will be 450px of width and 100px of height (see below).


One important thing obviously is that the image you are using is large enough to crop it smaller. After choosing the pixels for size, you should click and drag the cursor on the image for the marquee box to appear. Drag the box to the main part that you want to use as signature image as below.


Next step is you copy the selected area by selecting Ctrl + C on keyboard, then open up a new Photoshop document and paste (Ctrl + V) it there. Usually the new window opens already in the right size in such case.

Now we have an image created into the right size to use as a forum signature. Be sure to check size of the image so that the ratio would still be fixed 450 x 100. If this is checked, you can open File – Save for Web & Devices to save the photo into .jpg format and therefore optimize it to load as fast as possible. The smaller the size, the better it loads.


Despite the fact that it is now ready, we will show you some more advanced tips to tune the image more attractive. I have now activated the main layer and chosen from the menu Filter – Texture – Texturizer.  It gives a cool effect to the picture, but you can choose whatever effect you like from the Filter menu. Next your forum name could be written to the photo also, to make it more personalized.


If you still want to go further, let me show what Gradient tool can do. You choose it from the left menu, situated in the centre of the left bar, and then choose two colors from the upper part just under the File option. If the colors are fixed, you now drag the cursor on the image from left to right in about distance of 1-2 centimeters. And you are done! You have got your very own personalized forum signature.