In spite of having improved the Crop Tool in Photoshop CS6 by Adobe, they have also added a new feature called Perspective Crop. Its main goal is to deal with usual cropping issues as well as perspective concerns. Here we will learn more about this new tool.

If you have a photo, for example being narrow in the top and gets wider down in the bottom, this tool is for it. Also when an object in photo seems to be leaning to the side, it can be cropped straight as in real life. For example, images of buildings are commonly in need for Perspective Crop. Look at that picture below. The building is like leaning towards. Now we will make it look as in real life.


It is very simple to get started with this tool. Just select Perspective Crop Tool from the left menu under Crop tools as usually. See the image below just to be sure you choose the right thing.


So, as with usual crop tool, after selecting the right one from the left, one has to click on one corner and drag the dashed box diagonally to the other corner.

After letting go the mouse button, the crop box appears on the image. There is also grid in the box that has its special purpose as it will help us correct the perspective distortion in picture. In case there is no grid after creating the crop box, you should enable it manually by ticking it in the Options Bar above.

Next, to achieve what we intended with this tool in the first place, drag the sides of the box together so that the grid would be lined with the leaning ares of the object. To keep the dragging smoother, hold down the Shift key at the same time you are moving the crop box. Drag it till the grid lines are lined up with your object, as seen below.


If the image contains an object that has two sides leaning and needing to be corrected as the illustration above, you should drag the grid from both sides towards the middle point. By doing this, be sure not to forget the Shift key, it makes your work much easier.

If the sides and lines are all well situated, you can additionally move and resize the crop box for further wishes. If everything is done, just click Enter or if using Mac, then press Return. Or you can simply click the tick button in the Options Bar. Photoshop now crops your photo, so all distortion problems are fixed with this little move as seen in the picture below that illustrates it before on the left, and what we have achieved on the right.