blur-tools-menuAdobe launched the advanced way of using blur in Photoshop CS6 series. The package of three new filters is called Blur Gallery, and I will give you some ideas here how to implement this new feature.

Compared to the blur tool from elder versions of Creative Suite, these latest filters able the user to focus on a specific spot and blur out everything else around it very professionally. It consists of Field, Iris and Tilt-Shift Blur. Let us review these three different features one by one.

First, there is Field Blur that is the easiest. If you choose it from the Filter menu, a new window opens up, and you are ready to edit the photo. There you can blur the whole picture by using the ring situated in the middle of your image. After chosen the exact degree, the image will be blurred. There are also several options in a sidebar placed on the right of the window. You can choose how intensive, smooth or effective the blur would be.


While using the tool, you can add more rings, the so called pins to the image in order to make specific areas blurred while leaving other parts still sharp. When pressing and holding the M key, it will show the blur mask, where white color marks the blurred part and black areas are still being sharp. It is really easy actually, if you try it out.


Next, I will show you the Iris Blur that despite having very simple setting choices, is therefore extremely powerful for your image retouch. Here again appears the middle ring called the pin, that will create a larger ring around the centre spot. There are four points on the outer ring (Ellipse) which are called the Ellipse Handles. These allow designers to change or drag the Ellipse. Everything that is left outside the big circle, will be blurred totally, and it automatically does that. Inside the Ellipse you have more options to retouch the blurring as your wish.


Last, but not least is the Tilt-Shift function. This one will create horizontal lines together with the inner pin on an image. Totally blurred parts are separated with intermittent lines and the sharp part will be inside the solid lines. It simply means that everything you want to leave protected, should be inside the solid ones. The lines can be dragged up and down upon one’s choice. By moving the pin, one can move all the lines altogether. The intensity can be switched on the right sidebar or simply by moving the inner circle, in other words pin. The Distortion Slider provides more features to the image while direction of the blur can be adjusted by dragging the slider.


Of course, there are all the blur effects from previous versions of Photoshop as well, but you can try these new unique ones described here when using the latest CS6 and all its great functions to be able to retouch photographs as an advanced user. You surely do not need all the different blur tools at a time, but one can choose which best suits his needs.